Forthcoming openings

A research team will be established to work full-time on the project, in  total, about 7 post-doctoral positions will be filled.

Most of them will be related to the development and validation of theoretical models and computer codes (see Work Packages 1 and 2)

as well as to application of computational approaches to the 'in-silico' design of smart soft-materials (see Work Package 3).

Persons intersted in post-doctoral position within DreamsERC project who have or will receive soon a Ph.D. (or equivalent) and demonstrate relevant experience are welcome to apply.

Open calls


Closed calls

3-year Research Position (RTDA)

Deadline: 28th November 2013.

The Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa announces a selection for the recruitment of one full time research appointment for a three-year term , at Classe di Scienze, to carry out research activities, teaching activities, supplementary teaching activities and tutoring to students, in the academic field 03/A2 “Models and methods for chemistry” – academic discipline CHIM/02 “Physical Chemistry”.

Research programme: Development and application of computational codes for the calculation of molecular properties and spectroscopies with the inclusion of the effects of the environment.

Research activities: the winner will have to carry out research aimed at issues relevant to the academic discipline CHIM/02 "Physical Chemistry" in relation to the above programme, with particular reference to the study on the integration of theoretical models and computational codes to ab initio calculations of properties of electric and mixed electric/magnetic response at high order, with the inclusion of vibrational, thermal and environmental effects. The environment will be addressed by integration of explicit and implicit models, both at ab initio and semiempirical. This activity will involve the use of computational methods.

Duration of the contract: 3 years, an annual gross compensation of € 34.898,06.

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 “Time-simulation of spectroscopic signals”

2-years post-doctoral position to work on the development, testing and application of computational codes for the quantum dynamics of complex molecular systems.

“Virtual reality based tools for the analysis of molecular and supra-molecular data”

1-year post-doctoral position to work on the development of a problem solving environment for the elaboration and visualization of molecular and supra-molecular data with the aid of graphical tools based on virtual reality.

“Preparation of active and smart dye-containing polymeric materials”

1-year research position (pre-doctoral) to work on preparation and characterization of extended (aromatic) π-conjugated chromophores and their incorporation into polymer matrices through economic and environmentally friendly mixing processes.